SSL certificate scanner

VMware virtual SSL certificate discovery and scanning solution

When you are looking for a manageable solution to identify, discover and analyze SSL certificates in your corporate and public network, you want to find a solution that is as simple but yet as effective as possible.

We can provide you exactly this. Our VM-ware based image is easy to deploy and yet highly effective in certificate discovery, alive host discovery and vulnerability scanning.

Key features

  • Active host discovery
  • SSL certificate discovery
  • SSL vulnerability scanning
  • SSL certificate analysis (full certificate chain)
  • Reporting
  • Web based


  • Hardened enterprise Linux OS
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • AES 256 XTS encrypted storage
  • RDMS data store
  • RAW data (JSON) and HTML output
  • VMware image (OVF) / VHD image
Smart Security Scan

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Start managing your SSL certificates with our virtual solution today. Security should be top priority in every organization. Contact our sales department today!